Why I’m not afraid of the Big Bad Trump

Of the people you might think would be terrified of President Donald J. Trump – I should be one, but am not. I am a former Green candidate federally (2008) and provincially (2009), but am best described as nonpartisan, small-g green, independent. I will support whoever is serious about climate change regardless of party. I trained with Al Gore in Nashville in 2006 to present the An Inconvenient Truth slideshow, and did so multiple times in Victoria, for free, including to over 500 people at First Metropolitan Church. I just retrained with Mr. Gore in Denver in March to get the latest science and am about to start presenting again. (I’m available – contact me.) So why am I not running scared of President Trump, as so many are?

Many are wishing Mr. Obama could have had a third term, but from the perspective of the greatest challenges of our time, let’s look at his legacy:

  1. Economy and financial stability: Obama told the bankers in 2008 he was the only thing standing between them and the pitchforks – and not one banker went to jail following the 2008 crash that almost crashed the world economy. Reagan sent more than 1,000 banksters to jail following the much smaller Savings & Loan debacle. HSBC was convicted of laundering billions for Al Quaeda and Mexican drug cartels. The Obama Administration cut them a deal so that no HSBC bankers went to jail. You try sending $10 to Al Quaeda and see what happens. Fast forward to today, and Obama is giving speeches on Wall Street for $400,000 a pop.
  2. Terrorism and world stability: Bush II and Obama have destabilized the Middle East, opening the way for groups like ISIS. Obama bombed wedding and funeral parties to get one suspected militant. Obama then classified all males over the age of 18 as militants to reduce the civilian body count. Think of the weddings you’ve gone to – do you know everyone there? Do you know that some distant relative’s boyfriend is not a criminal? Do you support killing an entire wedding to get one guy?
  3. Individual freedom and government overreach: President Obama greatly expanded the surveillance state that Bush II started. Mr. Obama also created an actual Death Panel to advise him which people to have killed without a trial – including American citizens. His administration has been the biggest oppressor of whistleblowers.
  4. Climate: Perhaps the most urgent danger facing us. Like Justin Trudeau, Mr. Obama talked a good game, at least during his final year. Meanwhile he increased fracking and oil production enormously. He did not use the bully pulpit to call out those betraying the country by lying about the dangers of climate. He signed the Paris agreement, but then Jean Chretien signed Kyoto and did nothing to meet that commitment. Talk from politicians is cheap.

So on the biggest, most concerning issues of our time, Mr. Obama failed miserably and even made some worse. Ms. Clinton was promising to continue on this path. We are in a very dangerous position with climate change, and 8 years of a Clinton administration holding to the status quo would commit us to far more damaging change than we face already.

Mr. Trump, on the other hand, has galvanized the world on climate change and is stirring the pot on the other issues, something that desperately needed to be done. Climate change is an actual crisis that will cost trillions in attempts to adapt to it, and will certainly lead to more violence globally as some states break down under the pressure.

Is he going about it the way I would like? Certainly not! But then, had Ms. Clinton been elected, even less would have been done while we were smothered in platitudes. A likely comparison would be Justin Trudeau, who talks a good game on climate while approving pipelines to expand the tar sands, who calls himself a feminist while selling population suppression weaponry to Saudi Arabia, who positions himself as a ‘man of the people’ through countless staged ‘selfies.’

The sad truth is that the supposed liberal class represented by people like Chretien, Trudeau II, Obama, and Ms. Clinton – has failed. From stagnant middle class wages to skyrocketing home prices to dithering on the climate crisis, these people have no vision. And without vision, a people will perish, as are on a path to do.

So no, I’m not afraid of Mr. Trump and what he’ll do. Of course I’d love for him to ‘get’ climate, but our supposed ‘enlightened’ leaders were – are – leading us to disaster anyway. So far, the reaction to Mr. Trump has drawn the entire world together to commit to serious action on the climate crisis. Countries, states, cities, and even some large corporations are all committing to Paris and even more. That’s far more than any mainstream politicians have done, even if President Trump got it done ass-backwards.

The politicians aren’t going to get serious about the serious issues of our time until we do. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and we need to make the politicians aware that we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.

For a free, live An Inconvenient Truth presentation, please contact me and let’s get some action.